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BITCOIN - A bubble or is it here to stay?

This week topic has been the cryptocurrencies and specifically the bitcoin and its vertiginous growth in recent weeks. So, I ask you, is the bitcoin´s growth a bubble or is it here to stay?

In my opinion, and without making any kind of recommendation, as a professional I have tried to evaluate this issue from three dimensions a) Its intrinsic value. At this point I try to understand the potential intrinsic value of the technology behind the "blockchains" of cryptocurrencies, but which today is completely wrapped up in the effervescence of the market making its value purely speculative; b) Its operational capacity. The cryptocurrencies were designed to make transactions, but they have a long way to achieve an integration between the traditional and digital worlds, so its use is somewhat limited c) Risks. The cryptocurrencies have many “red flag” elements that cause me concern, for example, is there an entity that regulates or safeguards the security of these cryptocurrencies? Are there limitations to monetize the bitcoins to a traditional currency? Who is responsible for the electronics wallets? These are some doubt that I still have and haven´t been able to answer yet.

Cryptocurrencies will continue to give something to talk about. Having said that, what do you think about Bitcoin? I would love to hear your opinions.

Meanwhile on Wall Street, the stock indexes Dow Jones, S&P500 and Nasdaq ended the week with a positive trend growing +0.83%, +0.89% and +1.37% respectively from last Friday. The barrel of crude closed the week at 57.36 USD per barrel; the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds closed at 2.36%; gold is quoted at $ 1,258.00 per ounce, the euro closed at a rate of 1.18 euros / USD and, finally, bitcoin closed at $ 17,329.75.

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